Free Underfloor Heating Materials supply throughout November 2018! And Free Bathroom Surveys In December!


Back by popular demand! Heat your homes economically and affordably this November.

With every en suite or bathroom in full (including tiles), we are giving away a free of charge heat mat and touchscreen thermostat controller (Installation of products not included in offer).

Underfloor heating is not expensive to run. As an example, using a 10 square metre size heat mat of 100 watts per square metre for 8 hours a day  will cost you approximately 27 pence only of electricity.


Keep Warm this Winter with our Sovereign Savings Deals.

Offer must end on 30-11-2018 by placing a deposit on your bathroom or en suite goods.


Also, Throughout December 2018 we will be offering free of charge bathroom, en suite or cloakroom surveys for our customers.

We will even offer a free of charge basic 3D bathroom design which can be viewed in the showroom on screen for free but will not allow print outs or e-mailing of design work to customers unless a deposit for goods is placed in advance.

This offer ends on Friday December 21st – A survey must take place on or before December 21st to apply.