New display settings – a feast for the eyes and the ears…

In June 2019 we made the SO23 0HU Showroom home to some amazing new products.

Introducing the A-line LED mirror with soundsystem by WSchneider of Switzerland.

A bathroom addition like no other. Capable of showcasing 6500 K cool ambient LED light and 2000 K Warm ambient LED light at the touch of a button on your smart phone or tablet. Brightness adjust is also a feature and the app even has a time of day setting with auto adjusting brightness which changes hour by hour through out the day.

This amazing piece of technology also has an integrated high quality sound system accessible via bluetooth. The Soundsystem on this mirror will rival that of any high quality living room sound bar.

Also introducing by WScneider the stunning Graceline LED/Fluorescent Mirror Cabinrt with Charger socket, Up-lighting Top white Fluorescent light with a bottom LED RGB Colour changing down light which can be changed to white light also. This cabinet is made from the highest quality anodised aluminium.

Finally, a real feast for the eyes from our friends based in Florence, Italy – Artelinea SPA.

This 2 drawer wall hung vanity with basin has a complete glass external build. available in over 20 different finishes and with multiple drawer and door opening options.

The internal Quality build of these units are second to none with some the most stable and smooth feeling door/drawer runner systems used in today’s current market.

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