A home Spa experience is within reaching distance…

Spa in your home? Absolutely! 

Is it possible? Of course!

At Sovereign Bathrooms we dare to dream.

However, the dream of a full fledged spa experience in your home is actually more of a reality than a dream.

Steam and Sauna enclosures – Bespoke or ready made.

Imagine your standard corner or recessed shower enclosure space. Now, imagine lowering the ceiling to meet the top of your sealed shower door or even raising the height of the glass floor to ceiling. Imagine even a glass roof to your enclosure…

All you now require is a steam generator installed within, add some essential oils and there you are! Steam therapy in your home.

The benefits of steam are essential to our every day lives. Steam therapy is used by singers and voice actors to regenerate a sore throat after a concert or audition. It can also detox a nasty cold or flu much quicker.

Saunas are also available from Sovereign Bathrooms Winchester Ltd.

In saunas, the heat can reach temperatures up to 100 ° C, but thanks to the low humidity (20-30%) it turns into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and favours the purification of the organism. The wood gives off the scent of nature,  a primitive invitation to rediscover the serenity of the mind, freeing all tensions.


Now onto spa baths…

Whether you want a ready made spa bath experience put together by the fantastic minds of Novellini from Verona, Italy or a bespoke spa bath or whirlpool bath complete with custom chromotherapy lighting and sound system, we can deliver these experiences to you.

Chromotherapy or as it is otherwise known, “colour light therapy” is the process of restoring balance to the body using colour. Red means vitality, green helps you keep pace with the rhythms of life, yellow reawakens your potential and awareness.

Micro water and air jets add a soothing massage to the body after the strain of a heavy gym workout or heavy lifting duties. Even aches and pains from the daily gardening routines can be nourished back to health with the right spa bath treatment.

Hygiene Smart WC’s

You have experienced steam or sauna therapy and you have had your hydro massage with colour light therapy. Now it is time to experience wellness through hygiene.

Geberit Aquaclean WC technology allows just that. WC’s with integrated washing functions, warm air drying, warm heated seats and odour extraction add to your healthy life style all at the touch of a remote control or a mobile phone app. We underestimate the amount of skin tissue damage we encounter through daily use of toilet paper. This is eradicated with a clean, gentle stream of body temperature water to wash and cleanse you. Scientists and doctors alike advise the use of clean water washing after use of the WC as an essential part of a healthy life style and well being.

Welcome to a complete, hands free WC wellness experience available at Sovereign Bathrooms (Winchester) Ltd.


For further information or consultation on your wellness projects please contact us today.

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